NewBase Insights: The Format Effect Part 1

The global survey established that highly engaging interactive formats, compared to interstitial ones, encourage action or consideration, while enhancing brand awareness. Carried out in August, The Format Effect – Part I, is the first study of its kind, fielded across three market regions, and focusing on the emotional connection consumers have with a brand when presented with different interactive mobile ad formats.

The research has demonstrated the fact that when the format is seen positively, so is the brand or product. Selecting from a set of words to describe the different ad formats, consumers who engaged with an interactive ad scored it high against labels such as:

• ‘fun’ +91% (higher than an interstitial advert),
• ‘different’ +90%,
• and ‘engaging’ +70%.

In comparison, participants who saw a standard interstitial ad used descriptors such as:

• ‘nothing new’ (+71% higher than an interactive ad),
• ‘practical’ (+61%),
• and ‘boring’ (+19%).

Furthermore, 61% of respondents exposed to the interactive format considered the ad to be appealing, with 21% ranking it ‘very appealing’. This is +82% higher compared to the viewers of a standard interstitial advert.
As for the product appeal, 48% of consumers viewing the interactive advert felt the product itself, Honor 5X, to be more appealing. In addition, they were significantly more likely to consider Honor 5X in the near future. The score was +32% higher compared to a standard interstitial format.
Interaction itself is however not enough to deliver impact on consideration. Even though interactive formats are more appealing to consumers, to spark interest in the brand and drive brand consideration, consumers need to be also highly engaged with the advert.

According to the research, exposure to interactive formats triggered certain emotions that were not experienced by those scoring the interstitial formats:

• ‘surprised’ +90% (higher than an interstitial advert),
• ‘excited’ +70%,
• and ‘intrigued’ +33 uplift.

Consumers who showed these emotions after viewing the creative interactive formats, were significantly more likely to consider Honor 5X in the near future. The score was +64% higher than all participants.
In a crowded mobile marketing world, mobile and digital advertisers have to compete to get consumers’ attention. Using interactive formats to promote content that is personally relevant and triggers these emotions will help a brand to stand out, as well as increase brand time (in screen time).
Mike Jeanes, Global Head of Insight at NewBase, says: “It is crucial to look beyond the base measures of CTRs and SAR’s and talk to the customer. Understanding the impact of interactive mobile formats on the consumer has to be a key consideration for digital and mobile advertisers. This research helps marketing executives around the world realise the effect of format creativity, and its influence on key brand metrics”.
Jane Ostler, Sector MD of Media & Digital at Kantar Millward Brown, says: “For brands to make the most of their mobile media spend, they can’t ignore the role that formats play. This ground-breaking piece of mobile research shows that formats have a big role to play in driving enjoyment and involvement, and that they work together with targeting and creative to drive harder-to-shift brand measures such as consideration.”
The Format Effect – Part I is the first in a series of surveys, carried out in partnership with Kantar Millward Brown and Honor, offering a global view on consumers’ current attitudes towards ad formats. The second part of the survey, which was carried out in August, will focus solely on video ad formats (OutStream vs Instream) and will investigate their impact on brand metrics. The results, as well as a Whitepaper detailing all findings, will be published in October 2016.
About The Format Effect – Part I
Interactive ad format: respondents were presented with an interactive advert in the format of a spincube – consumers had to slide the ad frames that appear while in the shape of a cube to view the whole ad
‘The Format Effect Part I’ is an online mobile based global survey carried out in August among 1,200 consumers and covering 4 markets: Singapore, the UK, France, and the USA


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